Thursday, 23 January 2014

COP3: Photographs of end products

Photographs of products. click here for Illumination website -

Illuminate - Magazine photographs

I am really happy with how the magazine has turned out, it is simplistic in style and easy to read and navigate around. The interviews work well that I conducting with the graphic designer and I am very thankful for their co operation.

Illumination - Book photographs

I am really pleased at the level of interaction I managed to achieve with the book, it defies what a book should read like but whilst maintaining to use traditional binding methods/styles. I am disappointed at the end execution of the book, it was going well until the glueing of the bind which went slightly wrong, this is something I would have liked to change by starting the book again, but time was an issue so it was best to make do.

The contact of this book was all derived from the research I have been undertaking. The process of the graphic designer is based on the theory of by Graham Wallas (1949) who describes the process of creativity as four stages, preparation, incubation, inspiration and verification. I have just adapted his theory and applied it to graphic design. Another example is the intrinsic, extrinsic motivation and about how fake deadlines and threats effect a persons creativity as a creative person is intrinsically motivated. This is the theory of Amabile(1998) in the article 'how to kill creativity', one more example is the 'leave your negativity outside the door this is based upon the finding professor John Beeman made about how prior to a creative endeavour is someone is in a bad mood, there creativity will be hindered. I could go on, but every single statement is backed up with research.   

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