Wednesday, 22 January 2014

COP3 :Website development

Website :

This is the final outcome for the website it functions as a platform for graphic designers to develop, learn and communicate about creative potential. It is something that you would visit when you suffer a creative block on a brief or just to read an interesting article .

the pictures act as the navigation opening to each of the pages which will feature different things take for example 'the work it out' image links to the graphic design work out video that people can join in with to unblock there creative problem.  

Other features are interviews with Graphic designers around the subject of creative potential within graphic design and the process they uses when approaching a brief.

I am happy with how the website has worked out it all works visually as a set but also houses information that I think would be useful for a graphic designer to know. It would be updated regulary so that it is current and exciting and would hold the interest of the the audience. 

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